Tour Tennessee Enhancements are extra services for you and your guests.

Travel Protection is an important part of any trip. Tour Tennessee is a partner with U.S. Tours and Travel Insured International.  We believe their products provide you with the best coverage, price and service.  Tour Tennessee purchases travel protection for all of our Group Leaders (on any trip priced over $1,000) as a service to help protect you once the trip has departed.    For complete details, please visit our Travel Protection page

Freedom Perks Stimulus Plan provides Travel Credits to Group Leaders and/or the organization buying the tour, based on total revenue paid, if minimum passenger counts are met and payments are received on schedule.  For more information, please visit our Freedom Perks  page.

Tour Tennessee $1,000 Big Bucks Promo is offered in the 1st Quarter of every year.  Any group in that time frame with 20 Paid travelers and total revenue of $20,000 will receive a $1,000 Rebate. For more information, please visit our Big Bucks Promo page.